Laurie's Visit

On September 3rd Laurie arrived in Aberdeen to be met by Mike, and taken to the Clan Haven to spend the night, before coming on here.

She so kindly gave up ALL her annual holiday to come across and help to take care of me, and to keep me company while Mike was in Aberdeen.


She got to spend some time with Mike, and lots of time with me! And we even had a weekend with Mike at home, so we were all 3 together.

It was just SO WONDERFUL. It lifted our spirits, and gave us SUCH a great present in her company!

She came absolutely laden with presents and with ‘requests’. She brought Hershey chocolate, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate covered almonds, hot chocolate mixes .... oh! enough to overdose on chocolate for many moons!  And there were food items too. Fresh Miso paste, and wonderful Japanese noodles galore.


AND yet more! Two lovely bracelets hand-crafted especially for me by Laurie There were fabrics - Japanese material for making 2 cushions,

and plenty of OLD T-shirts that we could cut up for our Cute Dolls project!

We had planned SO much!

Cute Dolls and more

Planning the whole adventure was great fun, and occupied the weeks before she came. We had all manner of recipes to try out, Japanese cooking to explore (sushi to make, and miso paste to use). We had recipes for wickedly extravagant walnut and sour cream cake  ... and so much more! If we had been realistic about it we could have happily passed two MONTHS working our way through all the ideas we had in mind!!

In the end it was the sewing that won out in the ‘activities and projects’ stakes!

I had my mum’s old Singer 415 sewing machine cleaned and given a good overhaul. It had been sitting in a cupboard for close to 30 years! But it is still in amazingly good working order! So Laurie started off by transforming the iPod ‘Humbug bags’ that she had made for me years ago into ideal carry cases for my new camera and its accessories ......  And they are just perfect!

  All it needed was to ‘un-twist’ the humbug shape!

Next she set to work making me a couple of new cushions. I’ve tried for years to find more like the two I have here that are just about falling apart. They are quite FLAT and most useful for resting food trays on (especially on my bed). But all the cushions you see nowadays are stuffed to overflowing, and most uncomfortably so! And they end up being most un-useful as well.

And then we started (me looking on, and Laurie doing all the hard and skilled work) on the Cute Dolls. Laurie had found this book ages ago - with patterns for making a whole range of sweet, small stuffed toys ... and I am hoping to be able to try my hand at making one over the winter months.

She has the bunny from the cover photo with her every time she travels. He is Bunny Braveheart, and wears a kilt. Here is exploring the field behind the house with his big brother Claymore And Claymore (moustache, kilt and all now lives with us, and here he is taking care of the 2 fluffy sheep we made (Rogan and Josh) and the small green additions - Tad and Pole


Now, we did plan to do a whole lot of relaxing too - 'vegging out' is the technical term! We had lots of TV programmes and DVDs lined up, along with books

I wanted to introduce Laurie to the Stieg Larsson trilogy, Mike and I both loved the books, and bought the DVDs as soon as they came out. I think it took most of the final three days to work our way through them! And then there were photos and videos to take so she could them home or post them on her Facebook page. So she took my camera and went out 'shooting' all the local sights, including this magnificent Aberdeen Angus bull

It is amazing just how quickly the time flew by!


Another thing we managed to do was to set up a Facebook account for me.

I’ve got the basics in place, and we set up the most secure system we could, using the US Navy template! I have not had time to do very much with it yet - but I'm getting the hang of using it for chatting, and have started posting photos there too. So it is there, and I can gradually expand how I use it to suit myself. If you are on Facebook - look me up! That is IF you can find me. Those U.S. navy settings are pretty good at keeping you VERY private!

And before we knew it - before we had even finished a tenth of what we had planned, and just as we were settling into a nice relaxed routine of chatting, messing about, watching DVDs, sewing and even soing a little cooking and baking ..... it was time for her to leave!


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