Banff in the sunshine!

July 5th was one of those rare warm and even SUNNY spells! So, even though we were tired, we decided to take advantage of the sun, and drive to the Banff seashore, and feel just a little like we were on holiday, and it was summer!

Needless to say I took my camera with me ... after all you need PROOF if you are saying that the sun shone at all in 2012!

We got ourselves some fish and chips for supper (Banff has the best chippie in the area!) and took it down to the sea. It was windy, and the chips nearly blew away .... but we were determined to have them ‘al fresco’ rather than sitting huddled in the car! A little bleak looking, I know! And the sky is hardly blue ... but for 2012, this was a triumph!

picnic table at Banff I know the coast along by Banff, so I popped a pair of wellies in the car before we set off.

I was determined (weather permitting) to take the camera down onto the beach, and mooch around in the rock pools and see what I could find to shoot.

The rock formations are lovely, and the colours of the sea-rounded pebbles are always worth exploring!

So off I went with Mike patiently following, as I snapped everything that caught my eye!


The sun came out, and suddenly the sea was blue! And we cast shadows into the shallow rock pools, so I took photos of that too!.

There were only a few people on the shore, paddling in the cold waters of the North Sea. Looking back along the shore, Banff itself looked bright and colourful in the evening sunshine, and positively picturesque


And as the sun moved lower in the sky, the sunlight shone on the wet sands of the retreating tide, leaving a glistening, dazzling effect as we looked towards the west and the setting sun



The clouds began to return, and a chill wind undercut the warmth, and we decided it was time to leave ..... the mist that has been closing in most nights was returning, and we made our way back to the warmth of the car - and homeward!

But at least we have had ONE evening of summer!

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