Replacing the paved areas and pathways October  2012

After completing the rockery and the driveway we took a short break, and then the contractors were back on site to tackle the final big challenge of the year.

We have paved paths all round the house, and quite a large paved area at the back of the property, with a patio and a work area. And these have suffered substantial subsidence over the last 2 years. So the challenge was to lift and re-lay the paving slabs, and also to replace the ornamental gravels round the entire house. One special challenge was to raise the potting shed far enough to re-align the paving slabs that went underneath the actual shed.

Work began as the weather began to turn cold, and hailstones and icy rain were all too frequent!

here is one of the work areas, and showing the shed lifted at the front to allow access and the patio area, with most of the slabs lifted, and preparing to relay them
and a rather wet look along the re-laid slabs showing how well they sit now! and here are the paving slabs all replaced, all even and cleaned

Then, once it was completed, we discussed with the contractors doing some more work to it!

Looking at how successful the curb-stoning has been for the driveway and rockery, we thought it would be an excellent idea to use the same curb-stoning to frame the patio and work areas, to help keep the grass from growing over the patio, and encroaching onto the pathways.  And their further suggestion was to keep a small area of ornamental gravel, especially round the patio, so as to offers some run-off for rainwater - and to keep the patio from becoming water-logged during heavy rain or melting snow. So this is how it progressed, and how it looks today ...

working in the snow to cement in the curb stoning and the patio area and steps, with the the work completed
the patio area is now both well-defined and also provided with a water run-off system and here the work area with access to the drying whirly-gig!
And here is the view from the front door. OK I haven't brushed the gravel away from the path, and I have not yet found a 'before' photo, showing just how much the fir tree overhung the path, and how the grass encroached over the paving stones, and how uneven the paving stones had become - but I'll keep hunting through my photo store!

So, we have had the exterior areas of the house site quite transformed over the last 6 months. The work has been done extremely carefully and to the highest standards - and we are delighted with the results!


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