The Driveway 2012

After completing the work on the rockery in early July, we started planning the biggest undertaking of all, to completely replace the driveway. The work had been needed for almost 2 years, and at last we could begin it!


The rockery was a big departure for the site, as it uses BLUE ornamental gravel rather than the sandy, brown and white combination we had used originally, when the house was built.   We knew we wanted to stick with a gravel driveway. The slope of the drive is quite steep, and we knew that tarmac can be really treacherous in the severe winters we get up here. An icy tarmac drive can be useless when a gravel drive can still offer car tyres as good grip. So the question was - what colour?


We planned to use curb-stoning for the rockery, so we could ‘ring fence’ the different colour area. BUT the big decision was, should we use the same blue over such a big area as the driveway? We looked at as many local houses as possible and thought the blue might just work OK. Then Mike came up with a great idea. Take some photos of the driveway, and use Photoshop to simulate the look of a blue gravel driveway.

So I obliged - and we came up with a rough idea of what it would look like. But there was nothing for it really, except to take the leap and go for it with fingers crossed! The rockery gravel varies between a light blue, and very dark, according to how wet it is … and the gravel chips for the driveway would be much bigger, but do the same colour change. Whatever happened, it wouldn’t be visually boring!

So our contractors, who had done such a great job on the rockery set to work in August. It did indeed prove to be a sizeable job, and it was finally completed early in September, just one day before Laurie arrived from California (which is a whole other story)

And here are a few photos of the final effect of the driveway, and how the rockery and drive merge so well, both visually and practically.

Oh! And like the rockery, we have had to invest in more cat-scarers … the appeal of the drive seems to be more for local dogs this time! Maybe next year we will finally have to add a gate to our site?!

Anyway, it is now November, and how do we like our new driveway? Well - very much indeed! Initially we found that it tended to spin the car wheels. We needed to drive more slowly, and the drive itself needed time, use and weathering to bed in. We have had a little snow, plenty of icy mornings, and some heavy delivery vehicles - and it is bedding in nicely. And the effect of the new rockery and driveway has transformed the look of the site wonderfully.

But that is not the end of the year’s work on our site! Re-laying the paved areas of the site


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