The New Year 2013 begins

We are hoping for a restful and relaxing year - to help us recover from the stresses of the last year or two!

We've been so tired this winter that we haven't got round to repairing the fireplace surround, and so the fire is an entire month late for its official first 'lighting' ... but we finally made it!

The fire transforms the front room, and makes it inviting and warm ... so we are spending more time in there now! Wrapping up in quilts, and watching old re-runs of Law & Order, and drinking cups of Tassimo hot chocolate!

Here's the work that needed to be done - and the 'before' and 'after' shots!

 The peace and tranquillity were broken for us when work started on the farm track that has given us trouble before. This was an attempt to stop the field from running off onto the main road. The work took a few days ...of JCBs, stones etc,

All told it has been a brutally cold month, with temperatures down to -10c. we have had freezing fog, and days when the ice has never melted on the trees. it makes for some lovely photos, but a very harsh experience!

the frozen world of January we feed the birds whenever possible - our resident pheasant here!
the snowy world is lovely in the sun - even if it never melts anything! trees delicately etched against the Kirk


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