At last! We have written up our experiences of the last 9 months in making the move from using VHS tape to record and store video material to using DVD disks! We still write articles for posting on FoxPop, and that is where you can read all about it. The articles are all collected on the cover page here. Mike has written the 'master' article called 'Wrecks, Sighs and Videotape' and I have written smaller ones on selecting the best brand of DVD, and one on Hints and Tips.

Another At Last! This time about visiting the optician. I felt strong enough to get out and go for a check up and eye test. I was amazed to discover that it was FIVE years since my last eye test. At than time I got only my second ever reading specs, and also bifocals for computer work - signs of the inevitable march of time, and encroaching old age!. Distance sight is still no problem, but the closer I get to the thing I'm looking at .... the fuzzier it gets. The bifocals proved to be a real problem - not to wear, but because the protective surface that was applied to the lenses quickly corrupted and I was left trying to peer through scabbed lenses! And they COST! Oh my - do specs cost!
Anyway, enough of my complaints about defective lenses - and on with the story. I was pleased to discover that my eyes have not deteriorated too much - and was urged to try out varifocals to replace my bifocals. A quick online search for a definition/explanation reveals .......

"Occasionally called multi-focals or progressive lenses, varifocals are an alternative for those who require distance and reading prescriptions in one lens. They offer a gradual transition from distance vision at the top of the lens to reading towards the bottom. Varifocals are increasingly being chosen as an alternative to bifocals - they have better cosmetic appearance and a more versatile range of focus."

They sounded to be a great idea. They would permit to wear them all the time (more or less) and not to have to reach for my reading specs every time I try to read the cooking instructions on a label. What a thought! I could hardly wait ......

After an impatient 2-weeks I finally got them 10 days ago. And WOW! they are as good as the promise! I kept them on and went straight to the supermarket to try them out. I could read all the labels... I could see the produce clearly ..... and I could look up and around and also see. OK there are some problems and there is some awkwardness. There is only a small area of clear focus at each distance, and I find myself moving my head around like a nodding donkey to locate the exact spot. And the computer screen is one of the poorest as I need a relatively large area of focus ...... the bifocals would be better, IF I could afford a pair as well. And I was warned about going down steps and stairs - there can be a bit of a jolt as you look down. But all round they are a real improvement. So the next step is to get a second pair with Transition lenses (light sensitive) so I can wear them outside in the sunshine too.

My reading specs (2 pairs) just need new lenses in the existing frames. But the sobering reality is that there will be little or no change from 700. Gulp! Let's hope that they will last me for another five years. They will need to!


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