Important things ... like chocolate! Jan 13th 

My friend Laurie lives in California. She too loves chocolate, and when we get together we will indulge ourselves, and make mugs of hot chocolate (preferably with marshmallows). Now we all know that Americans can make most things bigger and better than anywhere else in the world .... and Laurie has just found me what must be the biggest hot chocolate cup I have ever seen!

It is so big that my fellow addict, MiniPooh, has had a real problem sharing it with me!

Stunned disbelief as MiniPooh considers the little bit of hot chocolate that I have (kindly) left for her at the bottom of the cup..... A quick course in mountain-climbing, and MP is tackling the problem - and has the feeling that she has cracked it!
Ah! There is a small problem somewhere ... I can balance just fine like this - and I can see that hot chocolate, I can smell the hot chocolate, but I can't quite reach the hot chocolate. How about if I go for the sideways-on approach?
Hmmmm!! I have got a hot chocolate foot .... I have got a hot chocolate paw .... but I haven't got a hot chocolate tongue! Ahhhhh!  Cracked it! This is the way to go .... now I have a hot chocolate nose, mouth, and almost eyes too! Has anybody figured out how to drink against the force of gravity??

Jan 14th

Laurie points out that I have only told half of the story - as along with the cup and saucer the parcel also included the very best ingredients for making very special hot chocolate and super-special enormous marshmallows. So here is the second instalment of the wickedly decadent tale!

Hmmmm!! How about that for a cup of hot chocolate with a marshmallow adorning it! The marshmallows are truly huge, and hand crafted by Williams-Sonoma. Not at all the tasteless kind you usually get in the supermarket  MiniPooh is in seventh heaven here, and just about to tackle her very own cup .... paws and fur are going to be very sticky indeed - and probably a trip to the dry-cleaners will be the next task.

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