Winter 2003-4 arrives at last!

December 30th and the winter snow is here again ......

Over Christmas we had grey days of slush and hailstorms - the worst kind of winter weather! But at last the real winter has arrived, with sub-zero temperatures, blue skies, bright sunshine and a whole lot of fresh snow!


The front of the house seen from the drive - and a close-up of the fennel in front of the sitting room window.


And two trees .... on the left there is the Xmas tree, and on the right is the coppery beech tree by the gate.

The snow ploughs have been through, but they have left a thick, compacted layer on the road, and then piled all the excess snow across our drive .... making it virtually impossible to get out. Hey ho!

More winter photos here (from February 2004) of the sight of snow is not boring you too much!

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