Power cuts, more power cuts and yet more winter!

The New Year started off cold, as the New Year card below shows .... the best kind of winter weather with bright blue skies and the sun glittering on the crisp snow (more photos here)

But most of January and February have been grey, cold, and wet .... featuring gales and rain rather than than crisp snow. And to make matters worse we have had an entire week of power cuts locally. The power cuts suddenly started on Friday February 20th, when we were suddenly plunged into several hours of cold. Luckily it was during the day, and there was some sunshine to keep the house warm. The emergency phone number gave us 3 - 4 hours as  a estimated time for reconnection. Long enough to be inconvenient, but not long enough to be worth while disconnecting us from the mains and connecting up the generator.

We haven't had much trouble with the power supply for several years (when we had 4 days with no power in temperatures of -20c) so we were surprised to find that the power cuts continued through the entire weekend. By Tuesday we were getting angry, and also getting 'flu! We had several cuts per day, lasting from 1 to 3 hours at a time, and sometimes having the power blink on and off a dozen times in quick succession. A disaster for the computers, TVs and most equipment - so we had to keep all sensitive equipment completely unplugged. And we also kept the calor gas storm lamps, camping stove and fires on hand, and torches positioned round the house.

It is amazing just how disruptive it can be - washing machine and dishwasher are unsafe, as they might get interrupted for many hours, cooking is uncertain, and even taking a bath can be perilous! After a week of this disruption we both felt exhausted, cold and ill. I'm writing this on Feb 28th, and we seem to have the problems sorted at last.

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