Canon Ixus 100

So my Christmas present in 2009 was a Silver Ixus 100IS This was a really lovely addition to my camera equipment, and the first time I’d had a camera I could pop into a pocket, or carry in my handbag. I began to take more photos when we were out and about, and with the Image Stabilisation I could shoot even in the car, through the windscreen.

The picture quality is excellent for a small lens, and it is magnificent for what it is - a camera for taking ‘snaps’. It is easy to use, ‘point and shoot’ and packed with helpful features I’d never encountered before such as scene/motion/face detection. In daylight, bright sunlight the colours sing …. and I’m still really fond of it!








BUT - and I guess you can see it coming - like every pocket camera, it is designed for the person who wants to take simple, straightforward holiday/family snapshots. But I want to do more!

It just can’t touch the Nikon for quality of photo, it can’t shoot in RAW. And when you start to process a photo in Photoshop it is hard to keep the image quality intact.

So the hunt went on! Something smaller and lighter than the Nikon, but with the same quality - the Holy Grail of so many serious photographers!

And my next find was thanks to Channel 5 and The Gadget Show. The Sony Cybershot HX1

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