Sony Cybershot HX1

Sony had never registered on my camera radar before. The big guns were Canon and Nikon! But here was a new name and also a new concept - the Bridge Camera. Something smaller and lighter than the DSLR, with a fixed lens, but a lens and sensor closer to the DSLR than the compact Ixus. And it had a 20x zoom, a big attraction for me and another big plus was that it could take a panorama shot too!

I had spent hours working in Photoshop to stitch together panorama shots of the open countryside, the sky and seascapes that surround us here. I’ve even got old panoramas of selotaped prints taken on my Minolta in the 1990s. So the appeal of an inbuilt ‘sweep panorama’ was irresistible!

So in July 2010 I took the plunge and got one. And the HX1 really did live up to expectations, and indeed surpass them! The Sony colour palette is bright, clear and vivid - which I love. And the quality of the shots speak for themselves. I’ve got a couple here with click-throughs to give you an idea of the full, 100% magnification.

The first blossom shot I ever took, of a wild rose in the garden,

Click on the photo for a 100% detail

A Yellowhammer, shot through the window in the winter.

Click  on the photo for a 100% version

And this is the camera I use to take the occasional video too, and yes - sweep panoramas and that 20x zoom too. It gets more use than the Nikon!

It is still bulkier that I would ideally want. It won’t fit in my pocket, or my handbag. I have to use a tote bag to carry it, though I can slip it into the glove compartment of my Fiesta!

BUT everything changed in June of 2012, when Sony announced the RX100


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