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I've been taking photos on and off ever since I was a teenager, but it didn't start becoming a regular part of my life until we married and moved up to Scotland in 1974. And then it was work that started me off!

I was teaching the new subject of Media Studies in the small Secondary department of Fort Augustus School, on the shores of Loch Ness. And I really needed to be able to take stills from the TV screen as part of the analysis of the programmes we were studying in class. So I acquired a camera and began to use the bathroom in the Old School House as a dark room for black and white film (thanks to the immense patience of Mike!).

And since then the camera ‘bug’ has slowly developed over the years, and by now I guess, using the same metaphor, it has become a major infection! When we moved to Aberdeen I bought a Minolta SLR, which I loved and treasured. But the cost of film, the need to send the film away for processing (especially once we moved out of the city) made it a cumbersome and hit-and-miss affair. Remember all those photos you thought were sure fire brilliant shots - but came back a disappointment?

I’ll skip forward to 2007, when things got really serious, with my first real, ‘heavy-weight’ DSLR camera, the Nikon D80. I’d tried using one of the first ever (and very expensive) digital cameras from the mid 1990s.The promise of good quality screen shots direct to the PC was alluring - but the reality was so disappointing that I set the idea aside as an expensive dead end.

But in 2007 a friend brought a Nikon D80 up with him when he came to stay. And I was hooked! And since then I have never returned to the old ‘film stock’ cameras. There is a lot to be argued in their favour (just as vinyl versus digital rages in the audio world) but for me the convenience of -

1) being able to take as many shots as I want at no additional expense

2) process them on the spot or at home soon after

3) run them through Photoshop for refining

beats having to buy rolls of film and store them in a fridge, then sending then away for processing or running a costly darkroom, and then laboriously working to create paper prints ….. Oh! No contest!!

So this is a run-through of my digital journey of the last 5 years or so.

 And my current line-up of 'serious' cameras, which has been completely re-thought this year! 2012 has been a great year for cameras!!

All SONY!     from L to R  the Sony HX1, the NEX 6, the RX100 and from the top, with the telephoto lens for the NEX 6

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