Sunflower Cuff

I figured this would be the easiest way to show the details.
I used my blue cuff as the guide, and made sure the cuff was open enough for me to slide it on to my wrist. Then placed the paper cut-out inside the cuff.

with the cuff open enough to slip on.

I just measured the overlap on one end. It measures 1.5cm in total at the centre point.

Laid flat

The measurements are as accurate as I can get them ;o)
The next shot shows my blue cuff when I have put it on and before I squeeze it tighter.

and when I have closed it fit my wrist more closely

This still allows me to move the cuff freely, and of course now it cannot drop off my wrist ;o)

Still some wiggle room!

I do like to move the cuff real close to (and even over) my wrist bone .. and this allows for me to do that …