There’s two of us running this site, Mike and Elisa Liddell. Mike is the literary buff, and Elisa is the photographic junkie. From the poetry of Sassoon to the joys of Infrared photography, we cover an eclectic mix of topics!

But why INEDITA? Well, it’s an old word meaning ‘unpublished articles’ or ‘undelivered lectures’. Not just old, but not often used these days. Apparently its heyday was in the 1700s!

We’re not entirely new to running websites, but we ARE new to WordPress (as the books in the cover photo show!) So it is a learning experience for us both. We’ve divided the site into 4 main areas: Literature, Photography, Photography Blog and Miscellany (for the bits that won’t fit in the other three) Links through to the four sections are in the top menu – we hope that you will enjoy exploring what we have to offer.

We also have articles published on our sister site: Universal Theorist run by our good friends Frank and CeCe Maddlone, in Maryland USA.

Flickr holds Elisa’s online Photo Gallery
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