I live with notebooks even now
I live with notebooks even now – but the paper world is only half the story!

I’ve been keeping notebooks for so many years. From large A4 format to my current A5 pocket size. They have been used to keep an occasional Journal, record technical details of painting or photographic work, collecting ideas and quotes – in fact generally keeping track of my creative life. And alongside the paper notebooks I’ve also been taking photos. But they lie scattered throughout my many digital archives and rarely see the light of day. So I decided that in 2020 I would start the new year and the new decade with a project to create my digital, online notebooks.
Probably the contents will be more personal than my Flickr Photo presence. I want to use those notebooks to explore and record on a much wider range of ideas and topics, less technical than the Talking Digital Photography section. I’ll just let the notebooks develop a life of their own, and link to each of them here!

2020 Vision – My online Photo Journal for the year

2021 Vision – My online Photo Journal for the year

2022 Vision – My online Photo Journal for the year

2023 Vision – My online Photo Journal for the year

Hands on! – a journey through the world of watercolour painting, that I have started during the pandemic

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