2023 July

July 2023 Fyvie Lensbaby
July 2023 Fyvie Lensbaby

July and the weather starts to change. Southern Europe is experiencing drought and temperatures soaring into the 40+c but by the 14th we are cold, wet and windy. What a change!

And July saw the arrival of “OverEasy” our very first Mini, and our very first automatic too!
We spent several Sunday mornings in June on driving to and from Aberdeen to locate the dealership. Navigating Aberdeen and it’s ring-roads is no joke. So much has changed since we left several decades ago. Where we recognise the street names, we find they look nothing like what we remember when we moved out in the 1990s.
The hard work and false turns all paid off in the end, and Mike managed to drive us safely home with no problems! The rest of the month was a period of getting used to the car, and how it works!

Like everything these days it is all built around the computer system. And the driving seat feels like a airplane cockpit … with so many functions, so many things to learn!
And (again as usual) the manual is very little use, as every actual car seems to vary.

Learning can be scary with today’s impatient drivers and poorly maintained roads!

But we did manage to drive safely to a few our essential places, such as Fyvie loch and gardens! Seen through the lens of an infrared camera … which gives quite an alternative view of the world to the one our eyes see!

July 2023 Fyvie IR

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