Meet the Lensbaby

Trees reflected in water
The Lensbaby in action, catching the tree’s reflections in the water at Fyvie Castle

A new 6-part series on the Lensbaby optical system for DSLR camera.
It’s a personal journey through 6 years of shooting with the Lensbaby. It covers the basics of what the Lensbaby is and how it works – then the 3 optics I have used, from the original Double Glass, to the Sweet 50, and then the Edge 80. Finally there are two gallery pages, one looking at composing shots with the Lensbaby, and one of the delightful surprises that the optics can give.
The shot above was taken last November, when the autumn colours were almost gone. Using the Double Glass optic at F2.8. I caught the slight signature circular swirl in the middle, and the distinctive zoom-like bokeh fading to a gentle blur towards the edges of the frame.
Meet the Lensbaby
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