What to do with an egg!

Empty eggshell
Making drama out of left-overs!

Following on from yesterday’s post of a discarded eggshell. I was looking for something more playful and experimental to make from the original image. Some photo-manipulation is called for – which means more play time in Photoshop!
Here I chose to add a macro shot of the inside of a plastic, multi-coloured slinky…

Inside a colours slinky
The original macro shot of a coloured slinky

But the full colour version would take the eye away from the egg. So I needed to make something more in tune with the existing dark background, but adding another dimension to the image.

The Eggstra-ordinary combination of design shapes and colours

Hopefully it works – giving some visual interest to the black areas, and using the curves of the slinky to echo the natural curves of the eggshell.
The original slinky shot is on Flickr: here
The larger version of the photo-manipulation is on Flickr: here

Flickr holds Elisa’s online Photo Gallery
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